Rant - Just in case.

Just in case you don't have quite enough distractions pulling you away from otherwise productive time.

$300.00 - wanted 6'3 step up

6'2-6'4 step up
18 2/3 - 18 3/4
2 1/2 - 2 5/8


(goes to some cheesy demo site instead...pic below was hacked from elsewhere...)

...and what other Lindy cams are folks using (other than surfline)? inquiring kooks want to know


The recent spate of south swells made me think how most surf spots are one trick ponies in as much as they only light up during one season of the year or on a more specific swell direction. For example; Malibu=summer, Rincon=winter, the whole of the North Shore=winter, Trestles=summer, Pavones=summer, etc etc.


$500 reward. Please contact Kathleen at 415-753-6363. I am a single mom and this board means a lot to me and fits me perfect. My kids also love it. Please please return.

Thursday 11am - Bolinas, great surfing

Weds am: Not Epic, but Classic. Big Glassy South Swell- Long lulls on the patch, Breaking way outside. Worth the wait.
Saw an anxious Rottweiler paddling out to the line up, looking for somebody. Eventually picked up by a SUP and taken back to shore (I assume)


I found an insulated top with hood today, tell me where you lost it, the brand, whether it has sleeves and its yours.

Wednesday 9am - Ocean Beach, fair+ surfing

Pretty nice out there this morning--overhead, consistent, little to no texture. Enough energy to get the adrenaline up, but not quite mega-scary-hold-down quality. Got a couple waves and one nice wipeout. Fun Fun Fun. I would say good- surfing, but it gets wayyyy better out here, and you have to leave some room on the scale.


7'6" Firewire left behind on ###### and Great Highway on 9/16/2014. Please return this board is very sentimental to me. Generous Reward. 415-753-6363 Home / 415-730-0921 Cell


zero wind, suns out, 1' but beats workin! Fun time with a small pack. Good stuff.


Tiny taters on tap for the few tranny hagglers willing to put on their training bras. Definitely training day. Go get the log or fish, burn one, and get out and bob around. You'll find something.


went out.. had fun... got humbled cause it has been a long long time since I surfed..



Gotta put it out before one of the over-stoked eager McBeavers posts another epic+++++ report. Surf was fun but lully. When I got there around 9:30 there were some nice glassy chest high peaks rolling through, but it slowed down quite a bit over the next hour and a half or so. By the time I left it was pretty small and mushy. I did catch a few really nice corners though, but for the most part I really had to pump hard to stay ahead and afloat as the morning wore on. Still pretty fun. I'm really bummed I missed the last few days, but oh well. Warm water--I got tired of wearing a 4/3 in 65 degree water, so I ordered a 2 mil spring suit with short legs this week, which I got to try out today. Really glad I did. Kept me plenty warm without having me sweating in the lineup. I don't get how people are out there in hooded fullsuits with gloves and booties right now, but I guess whatever floats your boat. 1 day closer to surf season.