I was getting out of the water today at Ocean Beach and a guy approached me asking if I wanted a surfboard. Pretty weird. I took it assuming funny business was afoot. If you or someone you know is missing a surfboard, email me a description and I'll respond asap.


I had to rescue a drowning person this weekend, and it made me realize how little I know about water rescue. Luckily it went well, but I can't imagine how traumatic it would be if it didn't and I felt like I could have done more.

I've taken CPR classes, but that's getting less and less appropriate for drowning rescue, since they now recommend against mouth to mouth.


Nice top turn, Gman. Congratulations, you just ripped Nazare, what's next? "I'm going to Starbucks!!"

I really hope they plan to shorten the name of that stick!


Found a board in the parking lot near the dunes on Saturday evening. Contact me with the details to arrange the return :)

Rant - Thieves

Some asshole broke in my truck last nite and stole all my gear. 2 bodyboards and a paipo board. one yellow NMD and one silver NOMAD bodyboard and A TURBO SPEED STICK. as well as Mike Stewart Vipers and blue hydrofins and Da Fins. would appreciate info if see someone trying to sell them.


I found a board in the parking lot a few months back and didn't know about this website until a few days ago. I still have the board and would like to get it to its rightful owner. If you forgot your board in the lot please send me an email and shapers name with the size and I'd be happy to get it back to you.


Anyone know who that guys was? It wasn't Bruce from NorCal Surf Photos. He was out there shooting when it was firing and we we're getting some bombs. Hoping I might be able to track him down and see if his posts his shots anywhere.


Board 1: Selling a Rusty 7' 6" x 20 1/4" Pin Tail. This board is not the prettiest, but has been professionally repaired by Alex Martins. $100


The end of the holiday season has been fantastic out at the Beach. On Sunday afternoon I left the board at home, picked up my camera and fins and swam out to record the last session before most headed back to the grind.


It's true. Look at all the negativity surrounding this site. Crowds, kooks, Malibu north (horror) angry old dudes that hate transplants (LOL?!). That's the negativity around surfing in general. A competitive bunch of ego driven, self centered "stoke chasers". Stressed coz that dude was deeper than you, coz you fell in front of the crowd, coz you can't quite get that backhand snap you want.


I have a couple of items I d like to sell after cleaning out my stuff during the holidays:
A new O`Neill Mutant 4/3 wetsuit, size M. I got that one through a warranty and it has been laying in a box since fall....
its that one http://www.cleanlinesurf.com/o-neill-mutant-4-3-hooded-wetsuit.html