$300.00 - Wanted: Twin Fin

Anyone got a twin fin down the line board they of don't want any more? I'm looking... let me know

Rant - Hammy time.

Curious if anyone has ever torn their hamstring muscle and how you recovered? It happened to me on 12/30, a DOH+ day at OB while body surfing -- yes, body surfing. I wish it was a story of a crazy floater a la Mick Fanning (see Mick, Myself, and Eugene). But at least I have something in common with the three-time champ.

Here's what happened:

Thursday 6pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

Mystery paddle reveals ghostly surfers and glassy gray chrome peaks popping out of an indistinguishable horizon with a barely visible sun illuminating dolphin fins cleaving the shiny silver surface. Pretty fun head to overhead waves if you lucked into the right place at the right time.


I spent a few days roaming the North Shore and the Honolulu area with a friend of mine whose family has a spot right across from Sunset Beach. Only managed to surf one of the days because it was mainly a skate trip. Duck diving sure does feel good out there. Anyways this is some skate footy of the journey.


Great article about what goes into what comes out of us.

Sample: At the bottom of the stairs is a loud, spooky, well-lit concrete chamber the size of a small bedroom. The floor of metal grating is suspended over a channel of swift-moving sewage that courses along beneath us like a foul River Styx, glittering blackly and rushing just underfoot.

Wednesday 11am - Ocean Beach, fair+ surfing

I had a blast this morning. Super glassy early, with some happy dolphins hogging half the sets. Even with the high tide, the sets had decent shape, and longer period energy than I was expecting. Clearest water I've seen in a while, and it only tasted slightly of shit. fair++


Mollusk (love them or haight them) presents a film by Jack Coleman Pluto ,Filmmaker and man of the road, Jack Coleman travels with a cast of many to Mexico, Indonesia, and California.@5:30 nice alaia riding worth checking out!

Starring Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Jared Mell, Ford Archibold, Ryan Burch, Rob Machado

Rant - New trick

He's about to Arakawa that board


"Its official, GoPro filed confidential IPO documents with the SEC this past week and becomes the newest company with the hopes of going public. And from the information that we have, this could be a very promising investment. For starters, they have been profitable since the early 2000's and have been on an upward climb of growth every since.


These are the top 20 finalists in the Nikon Surf Photo of the Year which will be announced at the Australian Surfing Awards in Sydney on 13th February, 2014. The award is for the best single surfing-themed image taken during 2013.


4-5 pm Found somewhere away from the urban run-off skank-water. Shoulder to head high, junky, punchy and short. I'll take it. A couple of other taker too.


Surfrider is making a public call to open Martin's Beach. You can help by sending an email to Mr. Vinod with the following link


Brutal story from Snapper rocks. A surfer was deliberately speared in the face by a board. The horrific act happened after a surfer said ' you remember me?'. The surfer with the busted face had dropped in on the other surfer months before.
the story is on Surfline.com or


Xanadu X21 short board in pristine condition. Special Keahana EPS formula brings even more life to a lively board while making it practically bulletproof. Super light and paddles great. Perfect board for HH-HH+ long period waves.