6.0 Epoxy Fish. Excellent condition. MUST GO!

$250.00 - 6.0 Epoxy Fish. Excellent condition. MUST GO!

Reposting this cause I started accumulating way too many boards and some need to go. 250$ O.B.O

Selling my boyfriend's 6.0 fish. (21' wide and 2 5/8 thick)

I got it for him from a local store in Santa Cruz as a somewhat-beginner board. It turns out that he doesn't like surfing, so we need to sell it. It is a sweet board but I normally ride shortboards so it doesn't really work for me.
It is in excellent condition, and good for (somewhat advanced) beginners as well as for smaller days at OB, catches a lot of waves!!


20 weeks ago

He doesn't surf? You can find better...

20 weeks ago

Yes...this was mandatory for me. I watched him yesterday as all these guys got pushed back to the beach. Of course he made it out! Double sandwich, and some warm pie when he got back home.

20 weeks ago

Heck, I commend him for not surfing!

20 weeks ago

hehe. he watched me yesterday too as I paddled out and kept drifting north with the current and waited at the beach for 2 hours just to make sure I came out alive :) how can I complain after that??

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