Anybody want to ferry some boards from SF to San Diego?

$150.00 - Anybody want to ferry some boards from SF to San Diego?

I'm moving from SF back to San Diego in late May. Most of my crap will be moved by movers. However, I also have four boards that I would love to have transported by somebody who actually understands surfboards. Two are shortboards, one is a 7'6" and one is a heavy old longboard that's probably like 9'6." If anybody is driving down that way in the next month and wants to be my board taxi to take the boards to Pacific Beach I can pay $150. The boards are currently in a storage space on 16th street in SF.

1 year ago

I need $200 to pay the surf van gas.
I am into if so . I drove SD to SF back in January and have been here since in Ocean Beach ever since.

I can go to LA for some things then down to SD , Cardiff / Encinitas. I have a surf van , space and racks.

This would be a good motivator to get down there myself.

Tenderloin tom
1 year ago

do you get the money in advance?

1 year ago

:) Do I get stuck with more surfboards that I don't know where to store :)

A friendly meet in greet , exchange of legal information and some background research on me and I am pretty easy to track down .

:) waves on Easter as always !!!

1 year ago

Why not just have Leon do it? It's what he does. He's got a trailer with surf racks, so you know your boards are inside and being transported properly. I have no affiliation with Leon, I'm just a past and very likely future happy customer.

1 year ago

We've used Leon few times from SD to Pacifica by a recommendation. He is pretty cool and very mello. I would contact him soon if interested, gives him a heads up with his deliveries. I am not sure if he could delivered your boards to your home. We only use him for business delivered to surf shops. Good Luck.

51 weeks ago

Are you still looking to move these boards may head down next week

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