San Mateo - Linda Mar

Surf Reports for Linda Mar (SMLM)

Friday 11pm - Linda Mar, great surfing

Chalupas was really clean and tasty today! Bonus points for an epically hot and sunny day- no wetsuit required!

Thursday 10pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

I wanted so badly to surf my beloved beach today. I tried ever so hard to justify it. I sat there staring at it for 20 minutes trying to muster up all my powers of imagination to envision a passable line or two. I tried to look past the kites flying above the water. I tried to convince myself wholeheartedly that maybe with the tide dropping things will improve, and maybe the wind will die by some miracle. I really wanted to believe it. I love my beach, and it seems so silly to drive when I have a 3+ mile stretch of ocean in walking distance, for which I feel immeasurably lucky. Who knows... today could be the day. I could score big time when I least expect it. What if? But then bitter reality hits--hard. Why force something that's not there? So I whispered to her: "Soon enough we will have our blissful embrace, my dear, but until then, I'm heading to Linda Mar. You'll never know just how much I love you, but today I must go." And so, southward I drove, where I found clean sets to waist/chest high, with little to no texture, and glassy to offshore to light onshore conditions. Soon enough my love. Please understand...

Wednesday 9pm - Linda Mar, fair+ surfing

Another case of south windy, head to lindy. Really fun. Waist high, maybe a little better on good sets, but really clean and consistent. Scored a shit ton of fun, long rides. Warm too--both air and water. Stoked as hell. Why not?


Good to epic! Lindy has a new waterfall from the creek marsh.4-5 sandbags tall. Sounds nice until the construction workers cranked up the chain saw and hacked away the Cattail (Typha Latifolia) grass. They always remind of of corn dogs

Friday 10pm - Linda Mar, good surfing

Small but super fun on a longboard. Incredibly clean knee to wast rights lefts and rights. Quite a few people in the lineup but there were enough waves that everyone was having a good time.

Thursday 10pm - Linda Mar, fair+ surfing

Pretty much did a repeat of yesterday, only this time I borrowed a longboard from my neighborino. Arrived around 6:30pm... small but mostly glass. After a while the wind switched onshore a bit and brought some texture, but a few nice sets also showed up. Switched back to offshore a bit before we got out of the water around 8:30ish. Occasional sets to chest+, but you had to be patient. Got a pretty fun ride and connected what would've been 3 separate waves on a shortboard all into one long ride from 20 yards further out from where the shortboards were lining up all the way to the beach. Better believe I double shaka claimed that bitch.

Thursday 5pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Pretty fun day out there this morning (10 AM - 12 PM). Small but clean, no wind. A little more crowded than I would have liked, but somehow I always manage to find a little patch of beach to myself, so nbd. The only downside was one guy in the water who completely flipped out on someone else, asking "do you want to get physical?" and then calling the other guy a f***ot. I was happy when a woman next to me remarked "that's so trashy" in response to the aggro display.

Wednesday 10pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Took an after work road trip down to Pacifica with my neighbor. We checked da beach, and decided to pass on the washing machine and head to Lindy. When we got there, it was lined up and the wind was howling offshore. Fun, but as it got closer to sunset, it started getting really fat. Dudes on longboards were riding clean faces all the way from tac0 b3ll to Marin. Still plenty of fun, and refreshing to feel water spraying back in your face when you paddle for waves. Glad I went. Little window of cleanliness amidst miles of messy surf. If I had a longboard or there was a little more juice, I would've called it Fair+++.

Wednesday 3pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

not bad this morn. winds were almost offshore giving a decent shape, knee to chest high. lots of closeouts though. people surf in packs. move a bit toward canada and you had yourself some fun rides all to yourself.

Saturday 6pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Wasn't expecting anything rideable, but figured it would be a good day to get the wifey in the water. We were greeted by way-better-than-I-expected conditions. EPIC+++ conditions if I went by the scale the Floridians and some other stoked dudes here go by. But seriously, it was actually pretty damn fun. Waist high, clean faces, pretty clean surface, and it actually improved as the afternoon went on. Proud of the wifey too--she charged it for 2 hours. Would've been suuuuuuuuper fun if I had a longboard, but even on a shortboard I got some fun, surprisingly long rides. There was a hole of sunshine over the beach the whole time too. California summer--solid fair conditions. Florida or super stoked guy who happily scores surf on 3 foot ocean beach wind chop with kiteable onshore flow--solid insane epic super best awesomest day ever conditions.


I spent a couple hrs out there from 3-5. It was bigger than normal for this time of year with some big fat windswell sets. It was also packed on the beach and in the lineup for a Monday. I guess summer vacation isn't just for children anymore! You know it's crowded when you see 3 different dudes in a small area using hand planes, one of whom was using a plastic fast-food tray from T@c0 Bell. I called it a day after getting a 1-inch chunk taken out of the side of my board, courtesy of someone who was in my way shortly after i took off on one. Oh well, more ding repair is in order.

Wednesday 12am - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Choppy, foggy, and stormy with a good amount of onshore wind, but pretty big swell (for me at least, I think around 6 ft). The paddle out was kinda hard but there were fun rides to be had with patience, especially on the occasional cleanish set wave. Surfed until I could hardly move my arms anymore.

Tuesday 9am - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Note: Report is for Monday 6/23/14

Last night (6-ish) OB at the Safeway was looking not so fun. So online I went and spied a smaller, but cleaner looking Linda Mar. I grabbed my fish and off I went. It was pretty fun with plenty of workable shoulders to be had in the fading light. And it wasn't overly crowded so the vibe in the water was friendly. Good times.