San Mateo - Linda Mar

Surf Reports for Linda Mar (SMLM)


First session this year with my kids that's epic stuff my oldest got up and surf till the beach on his first wave afterwards I got his sushi fish from Costco for a couple of waves and managed to get two pumps out of some of the two foot faces all in all awesome fun in the sun

Sunday 10pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Again lindy, again fun! Give it a Fair. Unbelievable, second fun session in a row down there. I start liking it....


Wow, that was fun! Fair plus in my book!

Thursday 1pm - Linda Mar, poor+ surfing

LM was a bit of a dumpy, walled mess. You know, the usual. When I came back in, I saw a sponger up on the larger side of the beach carving into some big pre-close-out faces. I salute you ma'am/sir.

Otherwise sunny-ish & nice.


Dawn patrol got pushed back 1 hour due to spring forward, the flash mob beat me to it , not to bad of a crowd factor. I'll get them next time.Meet some older head that shaped a sick old stick with a nice nose wooden block himself and was testing it out his 2nd time, me testing my home grown stick for the 3rd time.nice to chat with someone else out there on there own built board! scored some nice little side orders while keeping it 70's vibe

Observered for the 4th time a mean butch lady that's hella dangerous ,keeps the area clear with her board acting like a guillotine and rocks a helmet.good crowd patrol?

Monday 10am - Linda Mar, good surfing

Sunday @ 8AM and 11AM

So good, so awesome, and so friendly. Peaks a plenty all over from waist to shoulder high sets with great variety regardless of board length. With incoming tide and shifting winds every 30 mins made for some great rides.

Saturday 2pm - Linda Mar, poor- surfing

Weird stuff afoot at Linda mar main lot. Criminals

The saga started with an old dog was found off leash in the parking lot. My girl stepped up and decided to hold the dog until the owner got out of the water because the parking cop wanted to call animal control. The dog made tons of friends. Once the owner got back the story unfolded.

Saturday 1pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Surfed yesterday from 9am to 1, fun and pretty glassy.


Went out at kick off time for a few super bowls 3`-4` nugz .one beer and one glass of fine wine pre session warm up.rainbows in the valley,smiles all around.clocked in enogh touch downs the line.when I was leaving I noticed for the first time you can see donut time and Starbucks signs from the parking lot,mmmmm
observed : friendly fellow from Berkeley putting on 2 wetsuits .1 spring 1 full suit no boots no gloves no hood

Saturday 7pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Woke up at 6am.checked surf line,magic seaweed,stoke report drama from Friday night,headed out at 6:30 with hot coffee in hand to be welcomed by miss lindy . Moon light shadows over Pedro point glimming off the water.purple haze in the mystical sky and found a spot to myself for and 8:30am it looked the the shores of Normandy but instead of weapons they had boards.all in all stokage to the max.
**due to work I'm on weekend warrior duty for the next 3 months**

Tuesday 6pm - Linda Mar, fair surfing

Family fun day at the close out depot.scored 2 free parking passes from heads leaving the parking lot.I was convinced they read stoke report on how to hook up other surfers when they are leaving.just happy to hear my 5 year old son asking to go surfing,it's been a while since his "wipe out" last year and has been scared since.wifey snapped some pics,packed the picket basket.I took out my vintage 80's rainbow arrow board and scored a son scored a few shore breakers and I towed him on the Knee board with some rope.good way to end the year! Also did some killa whales inlay over major delam on a board I'm working on #stoke