The 11th Wave - Legitimate artificial waves are now a reality, but is surfing ready to leave the ocean?


It might not have been a DeLorean, but the cheap rental doing 88 miles an hour through the streets of Allentown, Pennsylvania, with 16 surfboards strapped to the roof was about to deliver its occupants into a blinding future. It was 1985 and the pro tour found itself in the most unlikely location you could dream up for a surf contest outside of, say, Pyongyang or New York. Hundreds of miles from the coast, this group of travelling pros were in Allentown to christen the town’s new wave pool, and their heads were swimming in futuristic dreams of a chlorine-blue Trestles awaiting their arrival. The reality was something else.


3 years ago

I'll believe it when I see it. This must be the 10th article heralding the new era of artificial waves.

3 years ago

"I'll believe it when I see it. "

I agree. Man-made 6 feet tubes are not the problem. The lack of man-made 6 foot tubes is the problem.

3 years ago

video looks ideal for those 6 yr olds, its like a perfect soft head high left, if you're 3 feet tall. blows doors on linda mar FO SHO!

3 years ago

surfed Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World. I was 3 ft wave..better than LM.Bring on the new wavepools-

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