Best Foot Forward - Switching your stance could make you a better surfer, and prevent injuries


Unless you were born ambidextrous—like, say, Jeff Clark, who learned to surf switch-foot to avoid Maverick’s beasts at his back—you probably think more about new boards than adjusting your stance. But scientific studies suggest that the way you stand on a board is worth thinking about, and even switching up.

More than right-left dominance, stance is our foundation for balance and the core of our performance—and it can be tweaked. According to David Anderson, a professor at the SFSU Department of Kinesiology, the best ways to determine stance is to “March in place blindfolded. If you turn clockwise, your left leg tends to dominate during stance and locomotion; counter clockwise your right leg dominates.”


3 years ago

Fun to do on a longer board. Of course, Slates does it in the tube.

3 years ago

I started out as a goofy, but began switching stance on every wave when I surfed at the P*tch (I grew up out there), on take-off, and not during the ride. Then I tried taking off backside on lefts. Soon I was completely equal all around, frontside or backside on lefts and rights. I am not particularly ambidextrous in the hands department.

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