Cape Judah looks like a righteous left! 200' sea rise


June 7, 2072 (AP), Northern California Association of City States:

Reflecting coastal erosion due to the accelerated disintegration of the East Antarctic ice cap, the NCCS (Northern California Coast Survey) has released a higher resolution topographic map of the San Francisco Archipelago, showing the 200 foot sea level rise compared to the 2012 sea level datum.

This week’s headlines in SFCurbistGate:

*A new study has revealed that the on-time statistics for Muni’s fleet of sea buses have been exaggerated since 2064 — average speed is 20 mph, not 20 knots.

*Bernal Isle residents bemoan the design of the Cortland-Chernery street bridge, and worry that the influx of new visitors will threaten the “unique” character of the island.

*Debate over where to build new container port continues — Geneva/Muni Yards or Divisidero Harbor?

*The Board of Supervisors agreed to extend Twitter’s tax break if they build their new 110 storey corporate headquarters on the disadvantaged Nob Island.

*Sea trials of the NCSS Ed Lee continue out of the Presidio Sub Base. The first of the Sutro-class of algae-diesel attack subs is expected to neutralize the southern incursions of the Vancouver Island-Cascadia Alliance and contain the Orange County drone fleet to Port Fullerton.

*New legislation lifting restrictions on taco boats is expected to be approved by sailing season.


3 years ago

Hmmm, not so sure about that left, king. The "left point" side of Cape Jooduh looks to be on the wrong side for any S swell and shadowed by Sutro Island from any N swell. However, Big Funston Island could be the site of a "New Shipstern's". Fun to imagine this new coastal configuration.

3 years ago

A clean west swell would light that point up. You could ride it all the way to the inside then hop on the N back to the first peak.

3 years ago

Great there's already too much exposure on this spot and it hasn't even eroded into place yet. The internet has ruined surfing!

Squid Lips
3 years ago

Finally! I'll have beachfront property!

3 years ago

I have registered:

and many others. I have them until 2092.

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