the car

Rant - the car

here is that surfing car


3 years ago

That's where I left my car! DAMN! I couldn't find it this morning! I think I should have passed on the last 2 rounds!

3 years ago

it happens.

Off Constantly
3 years ago

Damn, in SF parking tickets are crazy expensive for stuff like street cleaning. This one is going to have to be like ten thousand bucks easy

3 years ago

how on earth does this happen.
think thats covered by insurance?

Manuel Noriega
3 years ago

On some days if I could drive out to the line up I would

3 years ago

I heard through the grapevine it was a suicide attempt.

3 years ago

Nobody? Not one? You all have let me down!! Ok, ok... Ill be the one to do it....." Dude, where's my car?"

3 years ago

those gps things get me all screwed up sometimes, too...

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