Crime Wave

Rant - Crime Wave

From the SFPD Richmond Station weekly report, 22 Nov.:

On 11/17/13 at 12pm, a surfer parked his vehicle in a parking lot on the Great Highway near ###### St. He placed his keys on the tire well of his car. When he returned his keys were gone. He looked in his car and saw that the keys were now lying on the passenger seat. With another hidden key he unlocked his car and saw the suspect had taken wallet, cash and cell phone.


20 weeks ago

His car was still there? He got off lightly. Hiding your key is a high stakes gamble.

King of Kooks
20 weeks ago

surfing Darwinism. Especially considering he already had a 2nd key hidden.

Rick Kane
20 weeks ago

It sounds like the burglar locked the keys in the car, in plain view, after robbing the surfer. That's some sinister psychological warfare-type stuff. Quite gentlemanly to leave the vehicle, though.

20 weeks ago

The thief was probably just a garden variety junky looking for easily gotten gains and not a car thief with a fence connection. But, agreed, Rick, leaving the keys on the seat and locked in the car is the equivalent of a nose-thumb...a symbolic, "thanks, sucker!"

Mr. Cool
20 weeks ago

Attention transplants!!!!! even though SF is getting fancier by the minute people will still steal shit from your car, especially if they see you leave a key out. Because, as they say, it is immoral to let a sucker keep his money. Since when does getting your wallet stolen constitute a crime wave???

Rando Calrissian
20 weeks ago

Did he take the tape deck? Or the credence?

20 weeks ago

I believe his rug was also stolen.
separate incidents.

20 weeks ago

and papers, business papers.

20 weeks ago

You're killing your father, Larry!

19 weeks ago

Ok we're all agreed it was totally the guy's fault (although he wasn't as dumb as the rash of "I left my brain at the beach" reports lately.

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