Dan Price and his Hobbit Hole


If you've had a chance to thumb through the new issue you may have stumbled upon the Dan Price feature detailing his "Moonlight Chronicles." In the piece Dan makes reference to his Hobbit Hole in Joseph, Oregon. A two-acre plot that he leases for $100 a year, he's built his burrow with materials both found and scavanged. We thought you'd enjoy this quick illustration of simplicity in action, and for more from Dan check out MoonlightChronicles.com.


3 years ago

broken link...would love to read the article though

3 years ago


3 years ago

He has power? Because that little solar panel mounted in the shade isn't going to power that electric hotplate...

3 years ago

won't power the hotplate directly, but if there are batteries, all that little solar panel needs is time...

3 years ago

he has power. and a phone line. or did, at some point. i recall reading he was going to replace the underground powerline with propane awhile back...

3 years ago

modern thoreau

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