Desire to be back in the surf.....

Rant - Desire to be back in the surf.....

As of today its only been 29 days since my bypass surgery, and already I'm getting antsy to get back in the surf. I see that there has been some pretty good surfing, and more to come, so please catch some waves for me and I'll see you all as soon as I can. If anything I'll be on the beach at the Bo taking pics before the Doc's release me.

4 years ago

I feel ya, man. You'll be out there soon enough. And with a better ticker! Just think. Longer sessions, quicker reactions. You'll be outsurfing your previous self.
I got a bum arm and the first 4 weeks were filled with mostly bitterness and pity. I got sick of that cause it wasn't doing me any good and decided to live vicariously through everyone else. It's working out okay, I suppose. I'm happy for everyone and growing as a person. But, I'm still bummed. So I've been taking some pics with my iphone, but lamely, cannot seem to post them from my Apple laptop with out them being sideways. If anyone has any tips that'd be great. I'm a kook when it comes to computers. See you in the water...sometime. Hopefully, soon for both of us.

4 years ago

friscohio- if you're importing to iphoto using an apple the rotate button should be at the bottom of the screen between "edit"and "flag." clicking on this should rotate the image 90 degrees per click. Also, clicking on edit gives you a ton of options, BUT go up to the "photos" tab (in iphoto again) and "duplicate" the photo in case you tweak it, so that you have a clean original to go back to. Hopefully that helps. The older iphone, if i recall correctly, prefers to take pictures in landscape from only one of two directons, can't remember which. Good luck.

4 years ago

I'm right there with you @Wave Glider, but for a different reason.

I work in politics and it's crunch time. 12 hours per day, 7 days per week during September and October. I am able to sneak in an hour session at dawn on Sundays, but mostly I am reading Stoke Report and watching web cams on Surfline - dreaming of getting back into the surf every day.

One more month to go bro!

4 years ago

Vetting tea party candidates and understanding the tea party planks does keep ya busy :) (JK, I don't know your affiliation nor whom you're working for, I just thought I'd amuse myself).

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