Dismal Outlook for Mavericks Surf, Wave Forecaster Says


Surfing fans hoping to see a Mavericks big wave contest this year in Half Moon Bay will likely be disappointed.

With less than two weeks to go before the window closes on March 31 for this year’s contest at the famed surf break, the chance that the right conditions will materialize appear to be unlikely, according to Bay Area expert forecaster Mark Sponsler.

“I can easily see out until March 31, and there’s pretty much nothing,” he said, looking at his system data of incoming wave height, wave period, wind speed, and barometer pressure from buoys stationed around the world.


3 years ago

Too bad. They had three contest-able swells before the contest really got going.

3 years ago

don't despair...the parking lot party WILL go on....I'll buy a ticket only if they promise to stage a debate between Skinny and a marine environmentalist...priceless.

3 years ago

when you put surfers of less than average intellect in charge of things this is what happens. Jeff and those guys are nice people, just not capable of pulling off a major event in the bay area with all the moving parts that are present.

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