Healey’s Mavericks Lefts - Hawaii’s Mark Healey on taking the line less traveled in Nor Cal


Mark Healey isn’t one to shy away from a wave that could hand him the beating of a lifetime. When we think of Mavericks, images of heaving rights come to mind. But just on the other side of the famed right-hander lay an even more sinister slab that Mark is making his newest conquest. I gave Healey a ring while he was collecting his things at the Honolulu baggage claim to find out what motivates him to push his luck in Northern California.

Tell me about your session at Mavericks last Wednesday. People are saying it was one of the best Mavericks days ever.

The conditions were really good. When the waves came in it was absolutely beautiful—probably the best conditions I’ve ever seen out there. I thought it was a little inconsistent and we really had to wait for the bigger sets. But it was fun. I had a great time.


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