How does your dream wave compare?

Rant - How does your dream wave compare?

Mason Ho....elaborating

Rick Kane
1 year ago

My dream wave also takes place at the Banzai Pipeline:
Paddle out right behind Turtle and sit on the inside waiting for one of the in-betweeners. Accidentally drop in on Vince, bounce off the reef, get washed in with a broken board. Some groms at the showers see my reef rash and instruct me to "Scrub it, kook!!!"

It's a real bummer, but then a local girl riding a horse appears out of nowhere, whisks me away to a secluded part of the beach, and treats my wounds. She takes off just as things start to get heated, but every time the tradewinds blow they whisper her name for my ears only...."Keani.....Keani...."

1 year ago

Ho! Dats ma chick, eh?! Beat it, kook!

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