How to Surf with Confidence -- the mentality behind surfing better


With decades spent as a professional surfer, Mike Parsons knows how important confidence is when it comes to reaching your potential in the lineup. Currently working as coach for Kolohe Andino, Parsons has placed a solid emphasis on building not only Kolohe’s physical game, but his mental game as well. Lucky for us, we got a moment with Parsons to talk about how important confidence is when it comes to taking your surfing to the next level.

Confidence is at the foundation of every great surfer. There’s a definite connection between being confident in your abilities and surfing well. You can be a tremendously talented surfer, but if you lack confidence, your surfing will suffer and you’ll never really reach your potential. Confidence is at the basis of all great surfers and confidence comes from surfing well. Surfing well comes from lots of practice and good equipment. So much of surfing is mental; it’s in your mind, you want to feel like you’ve got an advantage, and that builds confidence.


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