Just when you thought nothing could or would go wrong.....

Rant - Just when you thought nothing could or would go wrong.....

Tuesday August 31, 2010 I'm having a routine angiogram. Almost done, and then they look at the left main coronary artery: 80% blocked. They call in for a second and third opinion, and a cardiac surgeon. The surgeon enters the room where I'm recovering and tells me I need a double bypass, NOW!

Wednesday September 1, 2010; the picture tells it all. I was released from the hospital Sunday September 5, and am doing very well. I'm doing so well that I became known as the recovering surfer by the staff, and owe my speedy recovery from the hospital to having kept surfing all these decades.

If there is to be a moral here, Keep The Stoke, but remember that we are all vulnerable to the hidden heart diseases.

Doctors say that at the rate of recovery I'm currently going I should be back in the water no later than November.


4 years ago

I happy for you that they found that brother. You may surf even better after your well. Hope you get better as fast as they say. AWESOME!
Here is to LIFE! AMEN.

4 years ago

Glad to have you back, @WaveGlider! Great to hear they did some additional digging. Rest up... You'll be ###### of the happy season!

4 years ago

Yikes! To a speedy recovery...

4 years ago

good for you, glider...and all the best. Back surgery survivor here, so I know all about long recoveries. Glad they found it early and glad you had insurance!!

4 years ago

glad to hear that you're recovering quickly and that you'll be back in the water this fall. you've really had a rough time of late. hang in there.

4 years ago

Like everyone else said...
To a speedy recovery And surfing again soon... And that there is damn hardcore!

4 years ago

Thanks for the info, it's a stark reminder that even though we surf and are active people, we should still get checked out. With respect to some genetic expressions of diseases (like building plaque n arteries), nurture sometimes loses, and nature wins.
Here's to November.

Jack Johnson
4 years ago

Holy mackerel....That's some seriousness . Chop, splice, dice, heart-lung machine. Almost better to not know it's coming. Same thing happened to my dad: age 59: "SURGERY NOW!" says the Doc. 13 years later doing fine.

But makes me remember to be grateful for each wave at my own age 45. Things can change suddenly.

See you in the water WaveGlider.

4 years ago

Wow- Speedy recovery, wave glider. Sounds like the best outcome given the circumstances. Fingers crossed for a wet November for you.

4 years ago

Get well soon bro!

4 years ago

I feel your pain. My injury is totally different, but my broken collarbone has sidelined me for 5 weeks and counting. Thankfully it has been during the crap months, but it was tough this past weekend to watch waves break and know I couldn't catch them. I just had physical therapy today and just like you, my guy said that my years of surfing and swimming has kept my joints and muscles from getting too stiff and weak in this time off, and I should bounce back quicker than other, non-surfers would otherwise. I don't have a set timeline for when I'll be back in the water, but I'm hoping by early October. Take care and rest up. Amen to surfing for good health.

4 years ago

Gnarly scar.

4 years ago

It's always nice to see young people taking an interest in danger. Now, son, a lot of people are going to be telling you you're crazy - and maybe they're right! But I want to tell you three things: bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world!
- Lance Murdock

Wave Glider
4 years ago

Many thanks to all of you for your support and positive comments.

This specific surgery is now done minimally invasive. That is to say they now don't use a heart lung machine, and the heart never stops beating, just slows down during the grafting process. Believe it or not they had me up and walking within hours of the surgery. Quite a bit sore, but moving.

Had my first solo shower tonight! Good to be back in some kind of water. Next will be the pool. Can't wait.

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