Keala Kennelly Tweets Photo of Teahupoo Carnage


Earlier tonight Kauai’s own Keala Kennelly tweeted a photo to 10 time World Champ Kelly Slater, “here is that pic I told you about. (it looks way better now I swear!” Also posted on her FB page with an apology for posting if you were eating lol…

If the fact that Keala is the hardest charging woman surfer of all time wasn’t enough to make you respect her, this photo will give you a serious wake up to the reality of just how tough this woman is.


napa steve
3 years ago

holy f\\\\

Wave Glider
3 years ago

At the beginning of 8 seconds, she seems to be doing a face plant on the fin(s). WOW! Kudos to the water patrol that day.

3 years ago

She's damn lucky she still has her eye! I guess you can't surf a place like Teahupoo without being will to pay the price and she certainly charges as hard as anyone out there. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

3 years ago

Amazing how she was pointing her board right and still just got sucked up the face. Started out too slow? Major stones and a hell of a souvenier.

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