Rant - Lindo

I'm land locked because of my herniated discs so I spend a lot of time looking at surf crap online and found this video with some epic Lindo footage at the :50 sec mark.

20 weeks ago

I was bracing myself for a bunch of kook advice, but this was a pleasant surprise consisting of a useful reminder and common sense. Dare I go a step further than leaving all the pals at home by saying leave the cell phones there too? There, I said it....probably will now be called a commie or a socialist or worse...

Oroku Saki
20 weeks ago

i own a honda civic.

*sits by phone, waiting*

20 weeks ago

the picture of that website at 1:22 is of me. I'm the guy hopping high into the air holding the shortboard. I've known Chris Lisanti (the guy that hes talking about) for the past 10 years.

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