Los Angeles Scores Epic Thanksgiving Swell


If you blinked, you missed it. Thanksgiving in Southern California was blessed with a brief period of excellent swell and the South Bay of Los Angeles soaked it all in. Big, peeling, hollow waves filtered into El Porto, among other breaks, and a long flat spell was washed away. Los Angelenos instantly had something to be thankful for and those who scored won’t soon forget this Thanksgiving.


20 weeks ago

Yeah, that swell was basically a one-day event here and more so down there. Nice, clean looking waves! Though I have to wonder if the "pleasant" and twice mentioned "friendly" surfers is meant as sarcasm.

20 weeks ago

stoked guy strikes again

20 weeks ago

I watched for a while but I had plans. Went out at Manhattan on Saturday, but it was nothing like Friday. Still a lot of power in the water and semi-barreling waves near the pier.

Friday was insane..... dumping rain too.. no wind and barrels from Dockweiler all the way to Manhattan....

20 weeks ago

I got some of that action up in Ventura County on Friday. It was kinda nice to ride bigger waves without getting thrashed.

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