New Buoy Cams

Rant - New Buoy Cams

This is pretty cool, some NOAA buoys are getting outfitted with panoramic cameras:

I hope we get some near us.

Its desperately in need of a better interface though, since currently there's no easy way to see the full rez pictures, which are actually fairly large:

And being able to see earlier pics would be nice too. Would love to see an animation of a storm coming and going.


1 year ago

Let's see - 344 days and counting since the Half Moon Bay buoy went offline, 436 days since the Papa buoy went adrift, and 632 days since the California buoy went adrift. Just what I need - camera pics of seagulls taking craps on buoys that don't work. I don't know what the trillion dollar annual deficit is being spent on, but so far it hasn't been on maintaining buoys. How about just fix the buoys, anchor them properly, and call it good?

1 year ago

Man, that is a lot of water...

1 year ago

I keep going back to these links. There is something about the loneliness of these waterscapes that is kind of moving...

1 year ago

@Squeaky: totally agreed. I semi randomly stumbled on the Bodega buoy (46013) on the way back from tuna fishing one time, and its pretty amazing how thoroughly out in the m1ddle of nowhere these things are. I think cameras on these are completely badass. I hope they improve the interface a bit though, and maybe fix the slight stitching issues and the uneven camera exposures. I know, I'm quibbling, but still, this could be so great.

And please let there be timelapse...

Here's a short Instagram vid I shot of the Bodega buoy on what must have been the calmest day in history out there:

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