NYTimes Columnist Prompted to Unplug by Pacifica Sunset


A New York Times tech writer drove down the coast from San Francisco last week, climbed a hill in Pacifica and promptly whipped out his iPhone to get some shots of one of our staggering sunsets.

It was then, Nick Bilton wrote on Jan. 1 on the paper's website, that he had a bit of an epiphany.

"Here I was, watching this magnificent sunset, and all I could do is peer at it through a tiny four-inch screen," he wrote.

He then decided on his New Year's resolution: to spend 30 minutes every day without his electronics. To just view the world through his own two eyes without the help of image filters and to interact with what is around him without the aid of apps, texting, email or Twitter.

His column got me thinking, not about unplugging (I usually manage at least half an hour a day away from electronics) but about appreciating where we live and actually taking the time to take it all in.


3 years ago

I always try to turn off my WaveJet for 30 minutes

3 years ago

Pacifica sunset? There's an app for that.

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