Oil & Water - Waves, Untamed Wilderness, And Big Oil Intersect In Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest


Half asleep, Peter Devries spotted her. She dove beneath Acheiver, pushing ripples across the black water of the still dawn. It sent the normally reserved Canadian surf phenom shouting to wake us. Jolted out of our dream states, we scrambled from our bunks to share in his disbelief. A family of killer whales drew lazy circles around us. In bursts of speed, followed by glide, they churned the water to slap against our steel hull. We stood in silent awe. Then, mere inches off of our port side, a calf turned and raised an eye out of the water. She had requested an audience.


3 years ago

I dunno. kind of over the "we went hiking in BC and found perfect cold surf" story. and the "we went to Namibia and got shacked out of our minds at that left that you have to drive a 4x4 to". and the "me and that french guy, Yep, went to some frickin jungle and shocked the natives by surfing the river bore". and the "me and my bridesmaids went to costa rica and had a GREAT TIME LEARNING TO SURF!!!" story. and the "this is Pro Surfer X. he's done his time scoping radically out of the way spots in Indo and here he is by himself getting shacked with only his bros and a full-on video crew to capture the moment". and the "Tom looks like a normal CEO. he runs a tech company in San Mateo, but once a week he gets up early and "hangs ten" at a little known spot called Linda Mar. "it really clears my brain" he said, "I am so 'stoked' when I get to work that I can buzz through until 6pm and get ready for my Saturday 'sesh" at 'the bo'. Caowabunga Tom!"

anybody got an original one? signed: slightly grumpy cloud

Moose Knuckle
3 years ago

Sounds like cloud needs a break from this wind!

3 years ago

Someone's got a case of the Thursdays

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