One from Yesterday

Rant - One from Yesterday

3 years ago

Thanks, vonstager. Even though, you know you're going on the list you still post the awesome pics. Love seeing them. Thanks!

3 years ago

this one made me laugh:

3 years ago

beautiful image

3 years ago

yesterday afternoon was sooo good from 3 - 4 p.m. ... looks like a great week ahead

3 years ago

Keep it coming, beautiful photography! May I ask what type of camera you're using? I'm in desperate need of an upgrade.

3 years ago

I use a Canon 5D. Looking to upgrade as well. Maybe the Canon 5DmkII or the 1DX (out in March)which can shoot 12 frames per second. Don't forget about lenses, invest in good glass.

3 years ago

I have a nice Nikon with three sweet fast f/2.8 high end lenses for sale. If somebody would take all three lenses plud the camera body I would give you a really good deal. I agree with Vonstanger....invest in really good glass!

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