Peace of mind when traveling with your board...

Rant - Peace of mind when traveling with your board...

The Travel Beater Project is a DIY open source travel surfboard that can be brought on a plane as a carry on. This board is a work in progress and utilizes Catch Surf’s Beater surfboard. Matthew McGregor-Mento explains exactly how he made his board, his thought process behind the project, and how to make your own. He hopes you’ll make one yourself, improve upon his ideas and share your version here (where you will also find the steps and materials needed to make your own):


3 years ago

Anybody ever ridden a Beater?

3 years ago

I've got one that I've been taking out when it's smallish. I mostly bodyboard dropknee so it's more of a transition to stand up bodyboarding (which is challenging with no fins- just two channels). I haven't totally got it wired yet (lots of sliding out), but its got a lot of down the line speed. So far it's kinda fun...

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