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There has been much discussion about "Martins-Beach" lately, but the other day I was looking down at a gorgeous cove in the LMSM area and was told that no one is allowed there because it is privately owned.
Is this just a fact of life? What are our rights at this point? Can we still surf there if we come by boat? I would love to own a beach of my own and I would hate to have a bunch of jerks trashing it. But if the constitution says I do not own it then I do not own it...

19 weeks ago

The answer is yes, you can surf at any break that's cutoff by private land if you arrive there by boat. There are NO private beaches in California, only areas where access is cut off due to private land.

I've been thinking that it would be great to organize a flotilla of boats full of surfers and descend upon Martin's Beach for a surf fest.

19 weeks ago

That sounds pretty fun. That is, until said flotilla descends into chaos as people fight over waves.

...which probably still would be fun, at least to watch.

19 weeks ago

I believe it is public but there used to be an old guy with a 12 gauge that wanted people to believe otherwise. If you Google the name of the cove a lot of info will come up. I bet the surf sucks out there most of the time just like the surrounding spots.

19 weeks ago

Trust me, you don't want to surf at Martin's OR shelter cove!

19 weeks ago

Concur with ted, been to Martin's 5-10 times (know a guy with a place) and never surfed it once. Bleh.

Usually the problems here occur when private landowner X allowed people to have access for years and new owner Y now cuts off access. Universal truth that taking things away from people never works.

Way to think about this though is that you probably wouldn't want people walking across your front lawn and running through your backyard if you had a "super special" creek behind your house. You don't give a hoot about that creek, but you do give a hoot about the people trampling your bushes and invading your privacy. Same situation here, most of these owners don't surf or understand why it's so important.

19 weeks ago


19 weeks ago

I lived in Shelter Cove for a bit. It's a beautiful spot. The surf, however, never gets good. Never.

19 weeks ago

Thank god for the Coastal Commission or private assholes would have the entire coast locked up like much of the east coast (eg Maine) or certain areas of our state. Bottom line, 3000 miles of land, a quarter mile of the edge of it wtih an absolutely unique resource that a few 'haves' want to lock the rest out of. I'm not anti private property, but some resources like beaches transcend the selfish interests of the few.

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