Savannah Shaughnessy a finalist for Billabong XXL Girls Performance Award


Savannah Shaughnessy charges harder than you do.

The 23-year-old Santa Cruz surfer recently received recognition for her hell-woman status as a 2012 nominee of the Billabong XXL Girls Performance Award.

The journey has brought her into close contact with her heroes and pushed her from one life-threatening situation to the next. But more than the glory, Shaughnessy is chasing the sweet reward of reaching her full potential.

After pushing the limits of paddle-in surfing at Puerto Escondido's Mexican Pipeline last summer, Shaughnessy charged the 2012 winter season at Mavericks with fearless abandon. Her performance at Mavs was recognized at the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational's closing ceremonies when Shaughnessy was presented with the Top Female Performance of the Year Award. In August of last year, Shaughnessy was the only female competitor at the Mexican Pipeline Tube Ride Invitational.


3 years ago

Apologies in advance for posting another forbidden bikini photo. Perhaps someone could photoshop a burka over Savannah and I'll repost the picture?

King of Kooks
3 years ago

Go burro! Nice to see you post a photo of a woman on an engorged wave; rather than a photo of a woman to help you engorge your junk. We'll have you de-Flyted in no time.

Here's your burka photo

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