Scientists: Blue whale may have been killed by boat strike


BEAN HOLLOW STATE PARK - A pregnant blue whale that washed up on a San Mateo County beach over the weekend likely died after colliding with a large ship, an official with the California Academy of Sciences said Thursday.
Scientists examined the 75-ton, 80-foot whale Wednesday afternoon on Bean Hollow State Beach near Pescadero and found hemorrhaging on its belly and at least three fractured vertebrae, according to Academy spokesman Andrew Ng.
"There's no forensic evidence on the whale that could lead us to the identity of the boat," he said. "However, given the size of the whale, it's most probably a large, industrial ship. Unfortunately, there's no evidence on the whale that could identify what specific ship."


4 years ago

That sucks.

4 years ago

Even if they could identify it, what good would it do? Those ships are very slow with evasive action. Even if they saw a whale in the way, they're too big, they don't stop or turn very quickly.

4 years ago

I don't understand why a whale can't get out of the way of a relatively slow moving supertanker/cargo ship. I guess this one was very pregnant and didn't have much mobility.

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