Show Us Your Quiver – Lewis Samuels


When you google “Lewis Samuels,” the most consistent description that comes up for the guy is that you either love him or you hate him. That’s because Lewis is a distinctive, controversial voice in the otherwise bland world of surf journalism, a guy who is not afraid to speak his mind in an industry that tends to do little more than smile and nod coolly.


3 years ago

Good read - a person that has thought about design and actually has a coherent opinion (or a bunch of them). Like to get more dimensional details about his 6'8" - how thick, how wide, where? Appreciate the honesty about Mavs. That ledge is a trip.

Latarian Milton
3 years ago

Lewis is a good surfer. For a leprechaun.

3 years ago

He has an interesting article in the latest mag about the Jay bio Mavs movie. I've talked with him about boards before and it was super interesting

3 years ago

Bo-Lewis !

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