Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan


Allan Weisbecker writes: I refer to Water Time as a ‘filmed memoir.’ Although technically a documentary, it is a unique story told in a unique way; it is difficult to ‘genre-ize.’

I believe that my memoir, In Search of Captain Zero (see its reviews), is so beloved because the story managed to conflate a personal passion for relating to nature (which happened to be surfing) with other aspects of life, i.e., friendship, loyalty, responsibility.

4 years ago

Loved his books - not sure about this whole notion of buying guns and canned food and precious metals before all goes to hell (as outlined in his down south perspective) but I am sure excited about the movie.

4 years ago

I loved em too!

wow -he is pretty sentimental about this film project. I almost cried, perhaps this short video is all he needs.

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