Surfer rescued after pounding off Rodeo Beach



Surfer rescued after pounding off ######
By Gary Klien
Marin Independent Journal

Posted: 04/19/2011 08:48:37 PM PDT

A surfer was rescued off ###### after a series of 12- to 15-foot waves pinned him against the rocks Tuesday, a fire official said.

The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m., when the surfer was unable to paddle out past a set of incoming waves, said Southern Marin fire Battalion Chief Matt Barnes.

"The breakers kept pushing him in closer to the rocks until he was pushed into the rocks," Barnes said.

Other surfers in the area eventually found the disabled surfer in white water about 50 feet offshore. They pulled him to shore, and firefighters arrived to take the man to Marin General Hospital for treatment of hypothermia and other possible injuries.

"I think if the surfers weren't there to bring him to shore, he would have had serious medical problems," Barnes said.

The surfer was conscious and in stable condition when firefighters took him to the hospital. His age and hometown were not available.


4 years ago

How is 12'-15' possible yesterday? I know there was a little S in the water & that beach would pick it up, but really? Something's not right.

4 years ago


oh it's fishy alright.

4 years ago

I was in the water when it happened. Definitely not 12-15ft. Strong current though...

4 years ago

yeah out at spot X there can be sets on a ...... esp with a clean south swell. it might have been a few feet over head but 15 foot, i doubt it.

4 years ago

i will add that it still sucks and i'm stoked he made it to the beach. hate to lose a man.

4 years ago

Rodeo, rodeo, glad you're safe cowboy! Guess there will be one less in the lineup for a while :P

4 years ago

You should never be pounding off at the beach.

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