Taken By Wavestorm? - The suburban stick of choice finds its way into professional quivers


The Wavestorm is sold at Costco. It’s produced in Taiwan and shipped in bulk, with its custom aspects limited to white stripes on a blue deck, or the other way around. Rubber fins, stock leash, pre-installed traction. Easy on the wallet and hard to ding, the board has become the centerpiece of suburban quivers.

At its core, this source of soft-top stoke actually has a lot in common with another recent alternative craft trend. The alaia revolution saw a loss of fins and a return to retro—a rehash of a foregone era. Founded on merits of soul and craftsmanship, alaias were an instant hit within certain circles, despite the obvious hindrance of a surfer’s ability.


Manuel Noriega
3 years ago

The WaveStorm is so last year. Enter the CBC. It is a better board and $10 cheaper.

3 years ago

The only thing I miss about Costco are the Hot Dogs with the cool onion dispensing device...when I just googled it, I discovered that they swapped out the Hebrew National for the Kirkland brand, so it sounds like it's all crap now.

3 years ago

There ARE decent soft boards out there...this ain't one of 'em. Ever ridden one? They bend ###### when you bottom turn. Not a comforting feeling. Kind of hilarious, though.

3 years ago

This comment from the original post made me laugh:
"I can attest to the wave storms capability to producing dank sessions. Was in Venice beach a few weeks back during one of the cali swells, was just skating the skatepark but my brother spotted some dank nugs between the pier and the jetty. Suited up, borrowed some wavestorms from someones backyard cuz we didnt have our boards, and proceeded to get multiple barrels and make our homies back at the skatepark super jealous."

3 years ago

dank nugs = 5 points. gonna use that quite a bit in the next couple of days. "dude, your business plan is chock full of dank nugs"

3 years ago

Lol at borrowing indeed :)... dank nugs aside :)

3 years ago


dude...thats just the torsional flex driving you through the turn...you probably wouldnt understand

:D :D ;) ;)

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