Warnings posted at Ocean Beach for high bacteria levels


Tests of water samples taken at Ocean Beach Saturday showed bacteria levels had fallen in the area between Pachec0 Street and Sl0at Boulevard, and the city lifted the water-contact warnings there.

The city also removed water-contact warnings for China Beach and Baker Beach.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission tested the water in other areas, and kept warnings in place for Ocean Beach between Balb0a Street and Linc0ln Way, as well as Fort Funston.


3 years ago

No way - it rained and the beach is polluted??!! And I always thought you could drink out of the sh!itpipes. Darn

3 years ago

Well, at China Beach, the runoff is rife with capers and Beluga Caviar, so I'm not too worried. Tastes a lot better than at the zoo. :)

3 years ago

first major rain in months and people are surprised by this? duh!!!

3 years ago


King of Kooks
3 years ago

They're runnin'

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