Waves for Water- State of Reality


Waves for Water was found by a close friend and is determined to bring clean water to all in the world who don't have access to what most of us have never even dreamed of not having in our lives. The work being done worldwide is simply amazing. The recent tragedy in Japan is where they are currently, but they continue to travel to Haiti on a regular basis to see their mission complete. Check out the link and if you have a few bucks to help out then do it, otherwise spread the word!
Thanks- Eddie


4 years ago

Looks like an interesting project. I wonder if they have any projects in the pipeline for the US. I'm always interested in learning about projects that are trying to tackle our domestic fresh water issues as well. Lots of folks without access to clean water but not crisis related so somewhat ignored. Thanks for posting.

4 years ago

Hi Eddie - I was so excited to see this post! I am a surfer/pre-med post bacc student and have been looking for a public health initiative to volunteer with on my school breaks, but found most programs limiting as to how I could personally contribute (since obviously, I'm not a doctor yet). I just sent in an inquiry to W4W, but am wondering if you know 1) if any SR peeps have done this before 2) if you could put me in touch with any of them or your friend so I could plan a coordinated trip. Thanks!

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