fair surfing conditions at San Mateo - Other

Thursday 10am - San Mateo - Other, fair+ surfing

Some very fun waves with friends this morning. Moments of glass. Quick drops and plenty of carvable faces. A HECK of a lot warmer today than recent mornings. Ready for a victory donut (or oatmeal).

4 years ago

Seconding the fun. Didn't look like much from the lot, but pretty fun rides. Very glad to have the longboard for some extra oomf getting in to the wave. Saw Greacen take a big cutback on one wave throwing some serious spray. Nice!

It's def a bonus not to have to thaw out post surf.

Also ready for some victory breakfast. Thinking bagel + milkshake.

4 years ago

I take it you were the girl I talked to this morning in the LM parking lot... Shouldve joined you at 'Other'! North LM reminded me of a little kid yanking at your pant leg trying to get your attention

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