fair surfing conditions at San Mateo - Half Moon Bay

Tuesday 12pm - San Mateo - Half Moon Bay, fair surfing

Checked a few places to the north and they were a mess. Headed south and saw a few cleanish bumps here. @t and I were the only ones out when holy cow, a few SH clean sets came through. Then a long pause, then a few more. Steep drops, quick bowly sections over shallow water. Real fun. Given the dismal scenes earlier on the drive, this exceeded expectations.

No time for post-pastry.

4 years ago

Expectations definitely exceeded. They were set pretty pretty low after everything else I'd seen on the drive there, but they were exceeded greatly by those few crazy sets. Woosh.

The mellow waist high waves were not too shabby either. Fun for logs, fish, and boogie boarder.

I had post-oatmeal. Healthy!

4 years ago

Irish Oats are the best. Those folks put whiskey in everything. ;)

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