fair surfing conditions at San Mateo - Linda Mar

Thursday 9am - San Mateo - Linda Mar, fair+ surfing

Most of the beach is closed out, but I found a fun, uncrowded left. Conditions went from slow and bland to bowly takeoffs with a long and fast racy section into an inside closeout in the course of an hour. Chest to head high and pretty glassed. Almost wanna give it a good minus.

3 years ago

I had the "mostly closed out" special with a helping of best ride cut short by another's drop-in ... on plus side, glassy water, sun poked out, dolphins cavorted, and I was surfing. Today was one where expectations set the grade. Mine were high, and so I would say poor + / fair -. Have fun.

3 years ago

In the fair++ crowd with Ewe. The morning shift got a little screwed with the tide business, but it got better for logging along. Lulls and a little bit of shiftiness but plenty plenty fun.

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