good surfing conditions at San Mateo - Half Moon Bay

Wednesday 10am - San Mateo - Half Moon Bay, good surfing

A bit sloppy but some fun rights if your in the right spot. I got 5 nice ones and then went and took a few pictures to share.


3 years ago

Nice pics. What a contrast from the insanity up at the beach...

3 years ago

There was some slop and drop, but also some nice sneakers that would pop up for a rampy ride before the closeout. Pretty warm. It was cool to see SFOB delivering on the way back. Saw some to dude catch a nice one. Had his arms in the air like Fuck Yeah toward the end of it. Stoked for that dude. He rode it pretty far in. Then turned to paddle back out. Oy. That looked like major major work.

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