fair surfing conditions at San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Sunday 5pm - San Francisco - Ocean Beach, fair+ surfing

It's smallish, but there's some good runners out there. I nabbed a large wave count marked by some really fun racy high line sections, one entry-no-exit barrel, and a lil' shampoo. Bonus points for sun and dolphin dorsals scaring the shit outta some kid.

3 years ago

Smallish? I'm surprised. I'm in Oregon (near Cannon Beach) for a few days and a new swell just arrived that's probably triple overhead when not closing out. Yesterday way maybe waist high.

I haven't checked swell direction beyond hearing that's very west.

I guess its still in the mail for OB?

Wave Glider
3 years ago

Big enough for the Nelscott Reef contest to go off? They're in the waiting period window.

3 years ago

I'd call it chest to shoulder high with some rare occasional head high sets. I know tomorrow is supposed to potentially build to a bit overhead, but definitely nothing into the DOH/TOH range. Wednesday and Thursday are looking like sizeable days.

3 years ago

Good question about Nelscott Reef. For those who don't know, Nelscott Reef is Northern Oregon's Mavericks.

The buoys up here are around 11 @ 14 secs, and I'm guessing the 14 secs part would mean no, but I don't know what makes that spot work. There's a bit of wind too, but I was someplace nearby that was sheltered and there were some gorgeous walls coming through. No one could make it out though, which was a shame, would have been pretty epic to watch from the bluff above it.

Here's the website for last year's Nelscott Reef contest:


26 foot @ 16 seconds!

3 years ago

surfed for 4 hours in dropknee heaven today. fun wedges and a-frames up and down the beach. chest to head high. even started out with light offshores. giving it a solid Good. only got out when my arms turned into bags of dead mice.

3 years ago

@wrybread I was up in those parts for Labor Day Wknd. Flawless conditions about 80 degree Fahrenheit even early in the morn and offshore. it was about head high at most spots and pretty fun, not sure if it was that big South that filtered in up there or other swell but it was fun.

3 years ago


I was up here then too, roadtripping down the Oregon coast instead of going to Burning Man. That south was soooooo sweet up here, and there were definitely other pulses coming through too.

3 years ago

Had a Dolphin bump my board that day.
Scared the shit out of me till I saw it jump near another surfer.

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