good surfing conditions at San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Sunday 3pm - San Francisco - Ocean Beach, good- surfing

Super fun around low tide.
It was very crowded, but I was having lots of waves, STOKED!

3 years ago

ya i was out from 1 - 3 where the pros were layin it down. super clean conditions with some solid offies. some waves were a bit tough to get into cause of the wind but there were some OH++ bombs with great rides to be had. my session ended because i got caught in the lip of a wave, got tossed, then came up in the impact zone and got throttled by a serious set before i called it quits. god bless you, OB.

3 years ago

Anyone see the EPIC SUP wipeout today around ######? (sorry location turtle). 8 foot drop straight down before getting rag dolled... amazing. that thing torpedo'd straight up out of the machine... thank god no one was close

3 years ago

totally brought the wrong board today. The 6'0 was not cutting it for me today. Did manage to get a few, but there was a lot of water moving around out there...Plus I suck and was too scared to make the drops.

3 years ago

Had a blast, got rained on, was happy to be on the new 6'6", then got absolutely annihilated as the bottom fell out of a solid bomb and I starfished around on my back before getting sucked over and doing donuts underwater for a good while. The wind made for some fun late drops. Good times!

3 years ago

Car breakin (not mine, guy that was out) just s0uth of b3ach cha1et around 3:30p. Didn't take anything, punched the door lock. Be vigilant.

Oh, went out again early afternoon and OMG, thanks lady OB. stoked. One screamer and done.

3 years ago

Lots of fun waves and late drops thanks to the offshores. Coldest I've been in awhile. A little crowded.

PSA: If you call off another surfer on a set wave, then pull back like a wuss, then you forfeit your priority for the remainder of the session. Them's the rules.

3 years ago

@fabrizio. them's NOT the rules. if you call off another surfer on a set wave, then pull back like a wuss, you forfeit your priority on their NEXT wave. tit for tat. THEM'S the rules.

3 years ago

The dude calling everyone off a set wave and not dropping in is the same guy that yells "hold me back" during a bar fight.

3 years ago

The SUP wipeout was totally EPIC. Almost made up for the insane number of dudes in the water

3 years ago

Sorry. Fabrizio is right. There are few things worse than calling somebody off and then not going. That is a cardinal offense in any lineup. Many would say worse than a blatant dropin. At least on the dropin somebody gets to ride the wave, and there's always the ability to kick out and apologize later. Calling somebody off and not going? Wave goes by unridden. Don't be that guy. If you're too deep you take that beating (you asked for it, after all) and learn from your mistake. And yes you're gonna get burned the rest of the session. Them's the rules.

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