fair surfing conditions at San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Tuesday 11am - San Francisco - Ocean Beach, fair+ surfing

Sunny, clean and small. Nice shape and even a few small barrels if you setup right. Tide is just about perfect. Great for a longboard or a fish.

3 years ago

yeah i got some fun ones on my new fish. the tide was punking with it a bit ... but there are waves and there should be waves ALL day ....

3 years ago

was certainly fun on a fish. spot on with ur statement going_left about the tide. even was able to catch a mini barrel (had to dk in it though) =/ only to have it close out and swallow me whole. =)

3 years ago

Fun small beautiful waves...then what's that dude standing at the surf line??? Oh boy, it's a lithe man with a pageboy haircut setting up to take daguerreotypes of the surf, screw that 16mil artsy crap. Then an endless chain of resin tints and two tone twin fins poured out of the dunes right in front. They swarmed the small waves like locusts, and as more appeared they waved them in. Musta been twenty or so in the knee high, leashless frenzy, paddle for anything and everything. What an embarrassing clusterfvck and classless approach to OB- or anywhere for that matter. There was a lot of grumbling at either end of their resin tint ghetto zone. This better be a once a year little whoopdedoo. If I see that shit again I'll loose my mind. I know I speak for many this fine day.

3 years ago

Hey Gogol, is this you: http://stokereport.com/rant/bike-thief

3 years ago

@gogol: best comment ever.

3 years ago

Pretty much, Gogol got to the heart of the matter.

3 years ago

Where I was roosting, the hordes were on white thrusters mostly, dropping in everywhere, on everyone. The locusts are indeed swarming, and with the swarm come snakes, stink eyes, yelling guys, and dangerous stuffs.

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