good surfing conditions at San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Thursday 4pm - San Francisco - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Specshackular. Head high to a foot or two over. Very hollow. Very fast. Pull in and hope for the best. Took a pounding that surprised me given the size. The howling offshores were making for some difficult and late drops, but they've since backed off. It's chilly, but beautiful out.

3 years ago

Completely agree on this one. It was so nice out this afternoon and a real treat. The low tide made for an easy paddle/walk out and the waves were peaking and peeling (whether I actually pulled in or not is up for debate but I at least heard the barrel behind me if not over me).

3 years ago
3 years ago

That link is dead. Send it over once it's working. I like your photos and would like to take a look.

Ira Glass
3 years ago

If you film or take photos at this break and post them publicly you will be added to the list. The master copy is kept at Chu's behind the counter on the left hand side. It's next to the register tape, you could ask Glen about it. There are duplicate copies at the Bashful Bull and Quarts n Pints Liquor. The list was created by concerned citizens who live and surf here. The author/creator of this video has been added to the list.

3 years ago

###### we go. Sure you don't mean the Bashful Bull Too?

Jesse R.
3 years ago

good cold fun. perfect hangover cure.

3 years ago

ob looking green. san mateo blue. ish. looks like it was more make-able up there today though.

3 years ago

Ira Glass, I like your style.

3 years ago

"drop in...spahh...hit the lip..wapahh..ride the barrel and get pitted, like that" <---me today

3 years ago

fun fun fun

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