good surfing conditions at San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Wednesday 10am - San Francisco - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Classic OBeast day. Time it wrong and it's a 30-wave grind. Outside varied from clean and really fun to too walled or funky mashed potatos. Nice when the overhead and the paddle cut down the crowds. Ain't complaining - got my 'drenalin fix for sure.

3 years ago

Agreed on the Beast. Most waves were HH - OH but there were some sneakers pushing 1.5x with some Power right at the peak. Got a decent one then got seriously throttled on two separate outside bombs. Was way more chaos going on in there than I anticipated. There are some gems today but none for me. I'd give it a fair - but that's just me

3 years ago

I don't know you, but I'm so proud of you. I hope my approval makes your day!!!

3 years ago

Cheer up @mrniceguy, in a few months OB will drop under 3 ft, and you will once again be able to make it out into the lineup and refill on some clearly depleted stoke. Until then, happy trolling!

3 years ago

@bombsquad sound familiar?

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