good surfing conditions at Santa Cruz - Other

Wednesday 12pm - Santa Cruz - Other, good- surfing

Quality, not quantity. Pretty dang fun in the sun tho. HH+ on the larger sets. A little texture on the water but barely any breeze. The crowd was in good spirits too... LOTS of smiles. Calling it G- because it could still be better, and you need a little minus-y doubt, don't you.

Observed: a flight of cormorants swimming around.
Overheard: "I need to lose 50 lbs."

3 years ago

Pretty long lulls but big forgiving waves on the sets. Sure the tide was fat and my wave count was low, but the waves I got were big, long, and pretty fun. Even the scrappy shore break wave I caught back to the stairs kept going and going. Foam needed for the waves we were catching, good timing for the rest. All around beautiful morning. Very stoked.

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