fair surfing conditions at San Mateo - Half Moon Bay

Friday 9am - San Mateo - Half Moon Bay, fair surfing

Choppy, very umami-tasting seas. Chest-high peaks coming through with semi-regularity. Short but fun rides on the longboard. Oh hello, gamed, nice to meet you. . Look out, rocks!

5 years ago

Good to meet ya. Thought the conditions were poor, despite the fun I had.

5 years ago

I thought I saw an impreza out there. I drove down to a few spots south of the jetty and didn't find too much in the waves dept (found some tasty apple strudel though).

5 years ago

Mmm, apple strudel! I'm waiting on a sandwich from the Utah myself :)

Jesse R.
5 years ago

hmm... fifth flavor waves. Sounds like a new surf clothing company.

5 years ago

I had such good waves last night in SC, I didn't want to wake up for the low quality slop I was seeing out my window. My thoughts are if the winds are shaking my trailer, its not worth suiting up :)

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