good surfing conditions at San Mateo - Linda Mar

Monday 5pm - San Mateo - Linda Mar, good surfing

Was out at Rockaway from about 3 - 5pm. Just a blast, so much fun. Short boards to the right, long boards to the left! One jerky SUP guy trying to decapitate people but other than that, good times and good vibes all around. 4 - 6', not closing out. Good+ Still time, go go go!

4 years ago

Great weather. I was on other side of the hill at Linda Mar and it was just close out city. There were a couple nice corners, but mostly close outs....should have went to rockaway...

4 years ago

Stacey was tied up on the log there, and she saw everything, as did I.
That SUP guy really was out of place. He had a big ole keg for a stomach and no wettie on. The no wettie was classy I guess. And yeah, the Ahole dropped in on some guy careening down the line on a sweet ass right. We all looked at each other thinking uhhhhhh 'YOU'RE STANDING, WHAT CAN'T YOU SEE AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT A GUY ON A SURFBOARD COMING DOWN THE LINE FROM *YARDS* AWAY, AND IT'S NOT SECTIONING OUT?'
It's one thing to be close to someone, competing for a wave, and one guy gets it first and the other can't stop too well vs...yeah...clear line of sight transgression heh :)

4 years ago

ha-he did have a big ol' gut. And high shorts. I saw him ditch his board time after time almost drilling people with no acknowledgment. He dropped in on that you guy referred to just seconds before I shot that video with my blackberry. The surfer barked at him but I'm sure he didn't care...

4 years ago

Fuck all those SUP fuck heads, I think they are all too pussy too get down and do what is natural!!!! Dangerous dicks need to stay in the rivers....

4 years ago

Waveslave must be a shortboarder? haha! Or a longboarder who now feels like a shortboarder LOL!

4 years ago
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