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San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Surf Reports for Ocean Beach (SFOB)

Saturday 9pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing


Thursday 10pm - Ocean Beach, good surfing

After a week of flaccid outside sets reforming into double-up inside scraps we finally get some classic grey offshore rolling peaks. End of the day may not have been as big as earlier but so glad I left work early and got some. There's just nothing like watching a three or four wave set of large perfectly formed, textured peaks wrapping around a sandbar and offering themselves to anyone who happens to be in the right place at the right time. Pretty fun, especially if you make it all the way to the shoulder for an arcing gliding kick-out giving you some extra speed to paddle back outside avoiding any other waves that may be landing on your head. Of course there was the usual Ocean Beach madness of; rips pulling you out too far, waves pushing you in too far and my favorite, where you have ridden a wave half way in, are floating waiting for a close out ride to the beach and next thing you know your outside again. Always an interesting experience.

Thursday 9am - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Report for Wednesday afternoon 2:45-4:15. Fair to Good. Surfline said 6-9. Maybe it was, but felt like less. Went out somewhere between norgo and slope. Easy paddle after getting past the inside (which was a bear). Had a few fun ones that opened up. Also took a few on the head and found the bottom twice. Few others out. Incoming tide kinda screwed things up. Intense currents and rips. Overall glad I skipped out on work, but only barely.


Found a board in the parking lot near the dunes on Saturday evening. Contact me with the details to arrange the return :)


Frosty little waves in the AM.
4-5ft and clean at sunrise, but the wind was picking up.


Low tide grinding barrels. Some of the rights had no back. Zero people out. Except for me of course.