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San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Surf Reports for Ocean Beach (SFOB)

Thursday 8am - Ocean Beach, poor surfing

Not particularly surfable despite a lack of wind. Small, jumbled, fairly gutless.

On the plus side: very warm water, dolphins, and I happened to catch a bunch of waves.


Fairly weak but very clean, no wind. SH on sets, generally waist high. Fun with foam. Objectively poor+. Subjectively, kinda fun. Very few out, private surf session.

Very warm water and some gigantic jellyfish. 10-12" diameter ish.


Waves that came through were weak and small. Generously WH. Started fairly clean with the slack morning wind, but once the wind came up, the surface texture basically made what was barely rideable, unrideable. Water is still warm and the purple sails, which I'd never seen before, were out in force. Crazy looking little sea creatures.


Wind was light and not a lot of surface texture, but it was pretty fat when I first got out there. The shape improved later on, but sets were really inconsistent with long lulls. There were some occasional nice shoulder high corners coming through, but they were popping up at random one at a time every 20 minutes or so. Lots of work to get it. Poor+ conditions, but I had a GOOD time.

Saturday 10am - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

lead by example, right?

some kind of fun peaks coming in this morning. a bit crumbly and wonky with a light but steady onshore breeze but definitely surfable. got a bit better as the tide dropped. chest to shoulder high on some really spaced out sets. not many options up/down the beach, really only the one peak. the cam made it look better than it was but i'm not complaining.

Wednesday 7pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

Fun. Choppy windy but the water felt tropical. Shit ton of jellies and fun little waves. Go get it. The water feels sooooo gooood.


10am-1:00pm I give it a solid fair +. Saw a couple guys on a fun boards who were having a good time...all vessels were working though. Much better than I expected!


Surfable, that's about it. Saw some potential out there but I could not line it up. Better than it has been tho. Meaning - winds were not howling onshore, waves were visible.

Summer. Phew...

Saturday 2pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

If you had a long board and if you hadn't been in the water for a month and if you paddled out at the right spot and if you waited long enough for some sets to start showing up...well then it was pretty fun.


HH+ and not much wind, but the swell was all mixed up and the current was pulling hard. Probably went about 500 yards N just paddling out. Oh, and the paddle wasn't a whole lot of fun either. I definitely saw some promising waves, but only once was I in the right place at the right time. Glad I paddled out, and it's been awhile since I've seen some legit size out there, but it was a lot of work for just a little reward.