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San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Surf Reports for Ocean Beach (SFOB)


Decent SH-HH energy on tap. Strong current, varied waves from soft to fast and throwing. Fall is clearly coming :-)

Slightly closed out / mediocre shape but worth the paddle.

Wednesday 9am - Ocean Beach, fair+ surfing

Pretty nice out there this morning--overhead, consistent, little to no texture. Enough energy to get the adrenaline up, but not quite mega-scary-hold-down quality. Got a couple waves and one nice wipeout. Fun Fun Fun. I would say good- surfing, but it gets wayyyy better out here, and you have to leave some room on the scale.


Tiny taters on tap for the few tranny hagglers willing to put on their training bras. Definitely training day. Go get the log or fish, burn one, and get out and bob around. You'll find something.


Gotta put it out before one of the over-stoked eager McBeavers posts another epic+++++ report. Surf was fun but lully. When I got there around 9:30 there were some nice glassy chest high peaks rolling through, but it slowed down quite a bit over the next hour and a half or so. By the time I left it was pretty small and mushy. I did catch a few really nice corners though, but for the most part I really had to pump hard to stay ahead and afloat as the morning wore on. Still pretty fun. I'm really bummed I missed the last few days, but oh well. Warm water--I got tired of wearing a 4/3 in 65 degree water, so I ordered a 2 mil spring suit with short legs this week, which I got to try out today. Really glad I did. Kept me plenty warm without having me sweating in the lineup. I don't get how people are out there in hooded fullsuits with gloves and booties right now, but I guess whatever floats your boat. 1 day closer to surf season.


Friday morning, Dawn Patrol - Definitely earned a Fair+ grade.
Lots of shoulder/head high peaks with light winds.

Wednesday 1pm - Ocean Beach, good+ surfing

Wednesday AM - Chest/Shoulder+ - Way better than it's been. Not saying much, but definitely cleaned up quite a bit. Not much wind and plenty of fun-sized peaks.


Monday morning - chest to shoulder+ but lumpy, bumpy and pretty blown out. Gotta really work to grab a shoulder.
FYI - VERY large and kind of aggressive sea lion patrolling the lineup the past few days. Spotted him a few times near the northern end of the beach.

Saturday 10pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

Ouch, OB was solid today, larger sets were easily head high, small waves were nice but the larger ones delivered a distinctive punch, distinctly remember punching through the 3rd set wave and realizing I was in a bad place before I had eyes on the 4th one. Pretty sure the lifeguards were waiting for me not to pop up after that, always nice when the bodyboarder laughs at your misery. Anyhow, it was solid if you are, I am not.


Surf: South showing but lots of chop and wind

Real reason for post: P-Q: Watched blatant scoping of cars (but no actual break-ins)

Wednesday 9am - Ocean Beach, great surfing

Foggy and choppy again but it's ok cause I brought my bitch to go

Wednesday 3pm - Ocean Beach, poor surfing

For the most part the south swell is going right by SFOB. It's small and blown out. I watched the best south swell spots for a long time and only saw a few dumpy closeouts. Very few people out. I'd seek out better options if you plan to surf today.