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San Francisco - Ocean Beach

Surf Reports for Ocean Beach (SFOB)

Thursday 10am - Ocean Beach, poor surfing

Junky, funky, spring time conditions. No wind - but no matter. Admittedly I went out at a terrible spot - and it did get better as I drifted. On the plus side - I did observe some dolphins getting some - and it wasn't crowded. at all.


conditions at the moment are horrible. about 1-2 foot with a side wind blowin. A few longboarders out but nobody is riding anything, don't waist your time driving to the beach....hoping for better waves soon


Sunny and choppy again but it's ok cause I brought my bitch to go


So darn pumped for this rad swell this week. Gonna shread that shit like chedda cheese

Thursday 6pm - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Went out twice. Morning session was smaller but more fun. Late afternoon was much harder to chase down, and only late takeoffs seemed to work when I got the nerve to take off on waves that looked like they were about to break on my head. Great, great day. I love January and February.

Jet ski was out again. Seemed like he was giving lots of rides out this time (even if not to me) so that was ok.

Thursday 12pm - Ocean Beach, good- surfing
Wednesday 1pm - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Lost this am at ######, board probably drifted north. 5'10" Hayden Shape Psychedelic Germ- Carbon rails, no traction pad, broken white leash, Green Merrick fins. If found please let me know. I'll def buy you whatever alcohol fits your need. Garth (805) 801-1694

*I heard someone came in with a board (he had two boards under his arm) that fit the description around ######. Hopefully they just want to return it to the owner.

Wednesday 12pm - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Overhead glass this morning.

Wednesday 8am - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Overhead glass

Saturday 9pm - Ocean Beach, fair surfing


Thursday 10pm - Ocean Beach, good surfing

After a week of flaccid outside sets reforming into double-up inside scraps we finally get some classic grey offshore rolling peaks. End of the day may not have been as big as earlier but so glad I left work early and got some. There's just nothing like watching a three or four wave set of large perfectly formed, textured peaks wrapping around a sandbar and offering themselves to anyone who happens to be in the right place at the right time. Pretty fun, especially if you make it all the way to the shoulder for an arcing gliding kick-out giving you some extra speed to paddle back outside avoiding any other waves that may be landing on your head. Of course there was the usual Ocean Beach madness of; rips pulling you out too far, waves pushing you in too far and my favorite, where you have ridden a wave half way in, are floating waiting for a close out ride to the beach and next thing you know your outside again. Always an interesting experience.