Some good footage of the beach starting at 17:45 through the end (my apologizes if this has already been posted).


I'm taking a family trip to Tahiti for Christmas. Can anyone recommend a surf guide? I will be near Papeete on Tahiti Nui. Appreciate any help you can offer.


At six, Quincy Symonds is already tipped as a future Layne Beachley or Stephanie Gilmore.They call her The Flying Squirrel. She may well be the best six-year-old surfer and skater on the planet.

Thursday 10am - Ocean Beach, fair surfing

Decent fun at the beach. SH-HH and a bit dumpy where I was, but some that held up and just generally a beautiful day. Saw some parts with lotsa whitewater too, not sure the rewards were worth the paddle or not.

Anyway, fairly fun but am hungry for some real long period shit.

Rant - Speed Kills

Surfed OB today was fun. 2:30 - 4. I caught an OH and completely lost control due to speed, stuck my hand in the face to try and keep my balance, then fell on my face on the wave, which was sad, cause it was a 8 ft right with a long open face in front of me. On the few occasions I've caught anything 1.5 OH on my 6'4" I generally loose control at the bottom. Any suggestions?


The Giants might not have delivered last night in Game 6, but the Beach did this morning. Here's to hoping that the good surf is portends another victory.

These are a few shots from my swim out this morning. The midweek crew ripped. More shots are on my website: stevebyrnephotography.com.

Wednesday 10am - Ocean Beach, good surfing

Some good thump out there at sunrise. 5-8ft with definite bigger sets on the way way outside. Sometimes throwing with a little hollowness if you're fortunate and/or looking to get mental.

A little mixed up, but definitely worth a paddle out.


Entrants vie for winner take-take-all grand prize of a one year sponsorship worth a minimum 50K.


surfed the Lane yesterday with only ~6 others- though high tide and not much swell, the occasional wave came thru and allowed a cut back or so
Indeed surprising to me that that wave held these "wannabe" shoulder that well, considering the conditions.... Overall fun! Maybe going back for the weekend ;-)


6'3 * 18 3/4 * 2 3/8 by Simon Anderson (Aussie shaper)
"An ongoing alternative rocker board to XFC and has evolved into a popular step-up model for good beach break waves or Indo reef surf." - Simon Anderson


A glimpse into some of the films at Save The Waves Film Festival 2014. In San Francisco on Nov 21. Also visiting San Diego on Nov 7 and Brooklyn on Nov 14. Teaser music by The Entrance Band.


Generally not good out there this AM. Lotsa whitewater, looked pretty marginal on the outside.

Found a spot that was working a bit better. Still not great, somewhat intermittent. Still - caught a handful of dumpers and a couple of racy rights that held up. Combined with a beautiful sunrise, no wind, and zero other surfers out (actually I think I saw 2, but no one within a hundred yards), had a pretty fun morning (required some low expectations). Kind of felt like a fun day in the summer, not very fall like.


This year it's 'Titans of Mavericks'. Most of the usual suspects will be attending. So looking forward to hearing from the always quotable Skindog!


Shoots,not one comment/post all day! Here's a video on a cardboard board. The doc even helped shape it:) give thanks


Used two years, but it was one of two suits I alternated. Water tight save for one tiny and very easily fixable leak in the butt seam. Size: Large/Tall